Friday, March 22, 2013

Pink Ombre Rose Cake

Ombre Rose Cake

Talk about a blast from the past!

Jessica is a girl I have known since I was 14.  She was probably 8?  I want to say 8.  Her little sisters were 3 and 4 at the time, and for some reason, her parents decided to leave me alone with these 3 little girls for the evening.  They were all sleeping already when I got there, but I was very nervous.  There were no cell phones at the time; I had the phone number for the restaurant in case of emergency.  My first babysitting gig.  I was so nervous about these 3 little girls that I spent the evening laying at the bottom steps listening.  No music, no tv... just listening for 3 hours.  I was the younger sister in my family so I had never been around anyone younger than myself in a caring situation.  Sure, I was making $20 for my trip to England, but 3 little girls?  Just me... If you're sure Donna...

I was basically their only babysitter for 4 or 5 years.  After school, during the summers, the occasional evening.  It was a great gig.  They were the best behaved kids I had ever looked after.  They listened, they played well with each other and they were fun.  I loved them like my own sisters and they looked up to me like one.

The days got fewer and fewer that I was needed for them, and while I was happy to see them grow up and be responsible for each other, it was also very sad.  These  amazing little girls that I watched grow up didn't need me anymore.  I imagine this is what a parent experiences when their child leaves home for the first time.  You can only hope you taught them enough to do the job without you.  I really never saw them much after that.  I moved away for college, Jessica took over my role, and Samantha in turn.  Amanda then was old enough to be on her own.  

I learned all this through my mother, who was friends with the girls' mother, and it made me happy to hear that Donna knew her girls would be alright as "they had a great role model".  And hearing that they missed me made me feel better.  I wasn't forgotten. 

Donna had mentioned one day that I was making cakes, and through the magic of Facebook Jessica and I have since re-connected - now adults.  She married with children of her own, me running my own business. I look forward to getting to know this new adult, when I only knew a child.

Jessica, like all great sister-in-laws, has a great relationship with hers.  There was a party to celebrate a big birthday (30!), and Jessica wanted to supply the cake.  I was honoured to receive the call.  She wanted as pink a cake as I could make, and loved the look of the Ombre Rose cakes that have become all the rage.  I was very happy to hear this; they are gorgeous cakes, and I wanted to have a go.
I was very very happy to find out how incredibly simple this is!  With the right tip, the roses basically create them selves!  Happy surprise!

I misjudged the amount of icing I would need, and didn't get the dramatic change in colour but it turned out well, and most importantly the birthday girl loved it!

Rose Swirl Cake
So elegant, and so simple

Swirl rose cake
The top could have been planned a little bit better, but still stunning!

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