Sunday, March 10, 2013

Camera Cake

If I talk any more about Samantha, you are going to start thinking that I'm a plug machine for her.  Never the less, she's a good friend, and it was her birthday yesterday!  Just a baby, she is!

Of course I had to make a cake for her party, and it could only be a camera.  She actually asked if I could make it combine cameras and her love for *cough* inappropriate things. Silly, fun NSFW type things.  Being a boudoir photographer as well, she kinda wanted some boobs in there.  I has thought making the back display be a image capture of such a thing.  I told her I would try.  And to be honest, if I had had more time, I would have been a little fancier with it and made a bunch of Polaroids to scatter on the cake.  But, that just wasn't in the cards for her cake.  Maybe that'll be for next birthday.

I remembered to take a few more shots as I made the cake, but I was rushed, and didn't get a full step by step.

I started off with two 6x6 cakes, and cut 2/3s off to stack to become the body, and used the other 1/3 to make the flash mount.  I also had a half slab cake that I was using for the base of the cake, so I cut some discs out of that to make the lens. Covered it all in buttercream and left it to harden up in the fridge so the fondant would adhere better.

I could have eaten it just like this.  So yummy!

I then had about an hour and a half before I had to leave for the party (poor planning, work and life getting in the way), so I got cracking on the fondant work.  Miraculously, I got the camera done in just under 45 minutes.  I couldn't believe it.  It looked so complicated, but was remarkably simple.  I have to stop making my cakes out to be more complicated than they are, and trust in my skill.  Have I mentioned that before?  And also have to stop thinking that I have to put crazy details into every cake.  I could have added rings, and wording on the lens, and made the displays have a greenish tint to emulate the glow, but it didn't need it.

To make up for the lack of inappropriate things, I attempted to put the camera on a 'bed' covered in red silk sheets.  It didn't work. And I must admit it looks messier than I wanted.  Had this been a customer cake and was paid for, I would have re-done the slab to be neat and tidy, but that darn time limit stopped me.  Or at the very least I would have made it look more like a bed.

Don't tell Sam... I modeled it after my Nikon.  Shhhh....

Sam, of course, loved it, and was a little upset when her hubby took it from me and hid it out of reach when I first go there.  She just wanted to see it.  It didn't take long before she got it down and got right in there.

Plates?  Then we have to wash more dishes!

Happy Birthday Sam!

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