Thursday, March 07, 2013

Gruffalo Cake

Did you know that a Gruffalo is a thing?  Not just a thing, but apparently a very popular children book?  2 weeks ago, had you asked me I would have said "What the heck is a gruffalo?"  Wait, that's exactly what I said when Paul and Amy asked me if I could make a Gruffalo cake for their son's third birthday.

According to my new customers, the Gruffalo is all the rage amongst 3-5 years olds.  I'll have to poll my niece to see if this is true, and perhaps go a little crazy Auntie Jen on her and demand why she withheld this information from me.  I need to know these things, and if she's in the loop, she should be sharing.  Sharing is nice.   

My first image search for Gruffalo cake came up with an adorable shaped head of said Gruffalo, followed by a bunch of just as cute but not quite me, slab cakes with him (her?) drawn on.  Luckily for me, Amy had her heart set on the same on I loved.

Even luckier for me, she told me that that picture was part of a tutorial on how to make this exact cake.  While I pride myself on making cakes from my imagination, not copying someone else's work, when I'm attempting to create something I've never seen before, this was exceptionally helpful.  Since Amy loved this cake so much, I didn't go too far off the plan.  I just opted for making it a little taller with the cut out pieces of cake rather than cutting away to make the shape.

While loading the link above, I just realized that I forgot the spines on his back!  Sorry Amy... I hope that didn't take away from it. 
My Gruffalo!
Paul described it as a Gruff Buffalo
I have to say he is super cute, and I will have to look into the books for the niece and nephew. 

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