Saturday, August 03, 2013

The Belly Cake

Belly cake, boob and belly, pregnant dress cake... Call it what you will, this is one of my favourite cakes to make.  It never ceases to be overwhelmingly adored by everyone who orders it.

Baby shower cake
My fist belly cake, for my best friend

I have been lucky enough to make 10 of these so far, and would love to give one to every Mommy-to-be out there.  It's just so much fun.  

The best thing about it, for me, is that even though the premise is the same, every cake is different.  It's a big ol' pregnant belly dressed up.  But each dress is as different as the expecting mama.  I ask a few questions about the mom - Is she girly, laid back, funky.  Expecting a girl or a boy or is it a surprise for everyone.  What theme are you following at the shower?  Do the parents have the nursery decorated a certain way?  

Every answer helps to design the dress.

Baby shower cake
Or lack of a dress.  This mama doesn't wear dresses, but that won't stop me!

I'll never stop loving the look on the customers face when they pick it up... they were expecting something amazing, but the finished product is always so much more - they can see the guest of honour in that cake.

Please enjoy!

Baby shower cake
Great for a boy, or unknown sex

I just love adding in that belly button :)

Baby shower cake
Girl or Boy? No one knows.

Baby shower cake
Designed for a Giraffe Theme Shower

Baby shower cake
A proper mama in pearls

Baby shower cake
Who says you can't go strapless when 9 months pregnant?

Baby shower cake
Big Top Theme shower... The cake was the Ring Master!

Baby shower cake
Adorable unisex cake

A wedding by the sea

Sadly, I wasn't invited to the Caribbean, but all jealousy aside, I was more than happy to make the cake for the Canadian reception for this wonderfully happy couple.

Megan and Greg wanted one thing: A cake to bring some of the ocean home for those that couldn't be with them, and did I ever have fun making that happen

I spent a few days making all the accent pieces

Sea Shell Cake

Ocean cake

The cake went together like a dream, and decorating was the fastest I have ever done.  The on site build was a little hectic with a hiccup in the delivery, but the cake was complete before the doors opened, which in the end is all that matters.

(I'm not going to lie... I did enjoy the small audience that collected to watch it come together.... I don't normally get to hear the reaction of my cake by the guests, just a happy 'thank you' from the newlyweds after the fact)

Ocean Theme Wedding  jenbakescakes
I was able to cover up some bulges and tears with the decorations

Ocean Theme Wedding  jenbakescakes
I always make extra decorations, as you never know until you are building how much you will need.  This turned out great; instant table decoration, and nibblies for the kiddies!

I am still having issues with the fondant bulging and had some slight tearing, but it was easily corrected on site.  I just need to figure out why this is happening. 

Ocean Theme Wedding  jenbakescakes

All in all, this is the most happy I have been with the final product.  It was such a stress free cake that I almost want to take on two cakes on the same day just to see if it can be done...