Sunday, March 10, 2013

Na na na na na na na na... Batman!

I have to tell you, parents my age are churning out some awesome kids.  Sams daughter with her Superman Cake, my friend Cheryl whose 7 year old daughter idolizes George Lucas (her speech this year should win awards) and Nick, whose daughter hums the Imperial March while tidying up.  Some seriously awesome kids out there.

So I wasn't really surprised when Sarah suggested Batman as a theme for her daughters first birthday.  Apparently that's the toy she heads to most to play with.  If it makes her happy, then why not?

Enough of us suggested that it was a great idea that she went for it.  She found a cute chocolate lollipop with the Batman logo on a pink background, and I instantly saw the cake.  She asked if I could make it for this weekend, and while I don't like taking orders with less than a weeks notice, I couldn't say no.  This was too cute an idea.

I went very simple... a 10x10 square vanilla cake, covered in hot pink icing with the logo in black.  

Pink Batman Cake!
I'm Batman!
Happy birthday little one!  Stay awesome!

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