Monday, April 29, 2013

Open for business!

I've officially done a batch of cookies and 2 cakes. 

My oven, be it small, bakes evenly and wonderfully.  I still need to get it level (and of course keep forgetting to bring my level home from my parents).  I can only fit three 8 inch rounds in there, which will prove interesting for the wedding cake I have in two weeks, but it will have to work.  While I can bring a second oven into this house, it would be tricky and involve wiring and inspections, so I'm going to do my best to make it work with what I've got.

I have a bigger cake this weekend which will be the true test.  This will be a fancy embroidered shirt.  I know there is a real word for it, but I only know it as a Ukrainian Dance Costume.    Paul and Amy (of my cute Gruffalo cake)'s mother makes these shirts, so Paul thought it was a very fitting cake for her.  It will be a challenge making the embroidery aspect, but as always, I'm looking forward to the challenge.

I think I can do this.  Actually, I kinda have to since I was featured over on Samantha Bauer Photography the other day...

Updates soon!