Friday, July 18, 2014

Unicorns and Rainbows

(Sometimes I think I should change my names to Jen's Last Minute Cakes.  I prefer to have at least 2 weeks notice, a month is even better.  But recently, most of my orders have come in within a week of needing to be eaten.)

Sadly, I made this cake back in October, right before all the craziness happened that ended up with me living a few provinces westward.  With the customer only wanting the birthday girl's age on the cake, I can't for the life of me remember who this was for.  I've gone through my Facebook posts, my calendars, scoured all the photos... nothing.  No name.  No mention.  It bothers me, because I remember making it, and I don't want to forget my customers.  It's not me.

Please, if you were at the party, or this was for your daughter let me know so I can update this to be more personal.  As soon as I know a name it will all come back to me.

Until then, here are some vague details.

I know I printed out a template of the unicorn to get the right.  I used the dough extruder from the Holy Orange! cake to get the rainbow colours just the right size.  The clouds are just a bunch of balls squished flat.  They were oddly satisfying to make.

Jen Bakes Cakes

Jen Bakes Cakes

Jen Bakes Cakes

Jen Bakes Cakes

  Until the mystery is solved, that's all I have, unfortunately.

Today's Lesson:  Details!  Keep a log of dates and names.

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