Thursday, July 10, 2014


Big news from Jen Bakes Cakes... Now baking from Alberta!

In a very short but complicated time, I went from working my regular job and baking from the Greater Toronto Area, to quitting; packing up a brand new to us apartment and moving westward.  It was a large adjustment to my new life, but I'm finally ready to get back into cake mode!

My new house has a nice big kitchen (which was a must in the house hunting process) but awkwardly laid out.  I have a nice big section of counter that will work perfectly for decorating.  I've made a few small things already... A cake for my fella's birthday, and for my dad this past weekend, but now I have a real order.  Yes, it's for a friend, but it's nice and complicated, and gets me back into 3d sculpted cakes.

Stay tuned for a full post for my first Albertan cake!

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