Sunday, June 09, 2013

White themed party

Veronica threw her husband Ronen a big 40th birthday party.  Everything was to be white: crisp and clean.  

She came to me wanting a cake that was on the cover of a parenting magazine.  It was cute; 2 tiers, covered in buttercream with chocolate discs stuck to the sides.  They are called Merkins around here, and you buy them to melt for making lolly pops.  I had never thought of using them as the decoration before.  It was an interesting outcome and would be very cute for a polka dot party for kids.  Not for a grown up party.  It just didn't fit with what she was describing.  

I showed her a picture of the first real wedding cake I did:

Jen Bakes Cakes

It was so simple, but so effective.  Covered in coarse sugar it sparkled anytime light hit it.  In a big wedding hall with a disco ball, anytime you looked at it it shone.  

Veronica loved the idea.  Much more sophisticated than her picture.  

I have to say... I mentioned the cake when she said it was a white party mainly because I really wanted to make this again.  It's an easy cake to make, and takes all of 10 minutes to decorate.  With the Monkey cake being a demanding cake, if I was doing another the same day it had to be simple.  Yes I cheated and talked the customer into what I wanted, but it worked out in the end - she got a stunning cake that fit the theme, and I didn't have a lot of work to do for it.  

I really wish you could see the sparkliness of this cake.   Even in diffused daylight, every time you move your head something different is shining.

 The finished product:
I couldn't be happier with this one.  I had a great weekend for cakes!  2 winners.  :)
Jen Bakes Cakes
It's there...

Jen Bakes Cakes
Too bright from the flash attempting to show you the sparkles. 

Jen Bakes Cakes

Two big cakes for the same day was tough.  It was easy baking and getting the prep work done, it it really took all of my energy to get them finished.  I know my day job schedule killed me for this.  I should not have been so tired, but I worked some terrible hours this week.  

New lesson:

Don't take on more than you can do.  Had this cake been more complicated, it would not have been ready for pickup.  While 2 cakes on one day isn't bad, with what I was working it was a bad idea.

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