Monday, February 04, 2013

Hello, Kitty

Trish's daughter is a fan of Hello Kitty.  I've never gotten that myself, but I'm no young'n. 

When Trish asked me to make a cake, my first question, as always, was 'Are you looking for any specific decoration?', so of course the answer was Hello Kitty.

I tried a new buttercream recipe for this cake - one that is all over the web - a little butter, lots of sugar and some cream.  It turned out ok.  I had some issues with consistancy, but I got it to work.  I'm not a fan of the outcome of it though.  It was very sweet.  Too sweet for what we like in my house, but I'm looking forward to what she has to say about it.  I don't know that I'll use that exact recipe again, but if it's a hit, I might try to adjust mine slightly to make it a little sweeter.  Time will tell.

Back to the cake.  I used my favourite recipe and two 8" layers with a 'healthy' slathering of icing in between.  I had fun carving the shape - I did it totally freehand, and had to fix a few spots after the fact to get the ears right.  I probably should have used a square cake to make this easier but there would have been so much waste.  And by waste, I mean snacks for the rest of my day.  And by snacks I mean that's all I would have eaten all day.  This cake is very good.

I'm very happy with the outcome.  While the overall shape of the cake wasn't perfect, the outline of Kitty is pretty spot on.  And she's so easy to decorate - I originally had her eyes too close together, but that was an easy fix.  That's really the only thing that can go wrong.  

Hello, Hello Kitty cake

Happy Birthday Taylor.  I hope you enjoyed your cake!

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