Saturday, February 09, 2013

Happy Birthday Jack!

Jack is just the most handsome and happiest baby boy I have met.  Ok... I might be slightly biased here because he is my nephew. But he is darn adorable.  And today he is one year old!  What a year :)

My sister in law asked me to make his cake which was an honour, since she's an awesome baker as well.  Lucky for me though she is always to busy on party day with a newly walking one year old and a very energetic 3 year old that making a cake just can't happen.  Lucky for them, I love to test out crazy cakes on them.

Vicky gave me creative licence, so long as it was boy-ish (there is a lot of pink in that house... Grace is a very girly 3 year old.  Very girly - as in wont wear anything that isn't pink or purple because blue is for boys)

Back to Jack.

I had so many great ideas, most of them tiered cakes, but with my plane going over so well, I wanted another challenge.  I went through his toy box at Grama's and Grampa's house, and found a dump truck, and inspiration struck.

A moving, dumping truck!

I figured out a way to have a swinging door on the back of the truck,, so when I lift up the bucket smarties fall out!

I was expecting him to be indifferent, but he couldn't take his eyes off it!  And then I tipped up the back and smarties fell out...  His sister and cousin jumped on those before they had time to stop bouncing across the table.  Mission accomplished!

Again, many lessons learned.  I would definitely find a way to have the cake move easier - a different option than me just lifting it up by hand, but other than rigging something up with lego, I was out of ideas.  Maybe a lever.  

The cake!

Mack Truck
Dump Truck Cake

Edited so my brother will still talk to me.  No photos of the kids on the internet please!  I assure you he couldn't take his eyes off the cake.

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