Friday, December 14, 2012

Spare Tire Cake

Broden is a guy who loves cars.  Lately he has really started to appreciate spare tires.  
I know, I don't get it either.  

For Broden's birthday, his parents thought it would be funny to give him a spare tire cake.  

Oh.  Broden is 2.  :) 
From his car seat, he points at every jeep and SUV with a spare tire hanging on the back.  He thinks it's the funniest thing in the world, so it was only natural to make this cake for him.

I was a little worried about turning my standard cake into chocolate - I've had bad luck in the past, and didn't want to deal with a failure today.  A little hunting, and I found essentially my exact recipe already made with cocoa!  As an added bonus, this recipe had a few different tricks to it, that I am going to apply to my vanilla recipe to make it ever better!  Mwa ha ha.  
Sorry... I got a little excited there.

I have to start remembering to take 'making of photos' to add in here - I was just so covered in cocoa that holding my camera didn't seem like a good idea.

After a crumb coat and some resting in the fridge, here's the start!

I'm so glad I picked up the pre-coloured fondant.  I would have had to use a whole bottle of colour to get it this true of a colour.  Worth the two extra dollars!  The treads took a little fiddling with, and I decided that a half missing design would look the best.

I was looking forward to designing the hubcap.  I made a decent gray, then used my silver luster dust to get some chrome on there... if only I could have made it spin... another time.

I was jumping back and forth as to when to move it on.  Wait till it dried so I didn't smudge the paint, but risk it having hardened and maybe crack it, or do it right away and risk it tearing from being soft and losing its shape.  I decided to move it right away as I was very happy with the look and didn't want to have to make it a second time.

 The finished product.  I'm very happy with it, and would only make one or two changes the next time.  I can see this being fun for a real car fan and adding more details behind the hubcap - brake pads, better treads, inflation valve...
Finished Spare Tire Cake

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