Sunday, December 02, 2012

Business names

So, apparently it's hard to go public and try to actually come up with a name that works now, and in 20 years.  Sadly for me, there are a lot of small cake businesses out there, so finding a unique name is no easy task!

I spent some time chatting with and old friend and her husband coming up with some ridiculous names; can you picture calling a bakery and being greeted with 'Nom Nom Nom'?, Cretinous cakes? Mounds of Nom?

But there were a few winners.  I have a short list from them, a few of my own, and some from other friends.  I'm not posting any real contenders until I rule them out, but man, this process is proving harder than I thought!

Here are a few of the 'close but no cigar's:
Inspired Icing
Death by cake
Eat me

Any suggestions?

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