Saturday, August 03, 2013

A wedding by the sea

Sadly, I wasn't invited to the Caribbean, but all jealousy aside, I was more than happy to make the cake for the Canadian reception for this wonderfully happy couple.

Megan and Greg wanted one thing: A cake to bring some of the ocean home for those that couldn't be with them, and did I ever have fun making that happen

I spent a few days making all the accent pieces

Sea Shell Cake

Ocean cake

The cake went together like a dream, and decorating was the fastest I have ever done.  The on site build was a little hectic with a hiccup in the delivery, but the cake was complete before the doors opened, which in the end is all that matters.

(I'm not going to lie... I did enjoy the small audience that collected to watch it come together.... I don't normally get to hear the reaction of my cake by the guests, just a happy 'thank you' from the newlyweds after the fact)

Ocean Theme Wedding  jenbakescakes
I was able to cover up some bulges and tears with the decorations

Ocean Theme Wedding  jenbakescakes
I always make extra decorations, as you never know until you are building how much you will need.  This turned out great; instant table decoration, and nibblies for the kiddies!

I am still having issues with the fondant bulging and had some slight tearing, but it was easily corrected on site.  I just need to figure out why this is happening. 

Ocean Theme Wedding  jenbakescakes

All in all, this is the most happy I have been with the final product.  It was such a stress free cake that I almost want to take on two cakes on the same day just to see if it can be done...

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