Sunday, November 25, 2012

Ticat Cookies

I know I said I liked a challenge, but I think I bit off more than I can chew on this one.  

Betty, a big Ticat fan, wanted to be the awesome big sister she is and stick it to her brother that her team did better than his this year, the BC Lions.  She wanted a cookie decorated with this logo...

Doesn't seem that complicated; 4 colours, basic lines, but you know what... it kind of is.  It's just the logistics of it.  
And if you know me... I like to plan.  A great deal.  It makes me happy :)  (Not to mention the overthinking...  Oh yeah.  I'm all about the overthinking)
How many layers?  
Black outlines first, then flood white and do the rest on top? 
Or all black first and fill in the holes.

I did a test cookie to see how things would go.  Not the best, but it's there.  

 Not quite angry enough... yet.

 I desperately wanted to eat this cookie.  You have no idea.  They are delicious - Full on childhood memories here.  But sadly, I only made 8 extra cookies to mess up, so this one had to make it through the night just in case.

All in all, that cookie only took 20 minutes, and I only have to make 12, so that's not too shabby, and I anticipate the each one being faster since I always find a shortcut along the way.  A few notes for the next one... Whiskers at the very end, flatter ears, more pronounced teeth, but onward.

Next cookie, better.  Still not the best, but better.  By the time I hit cookie #5, I wasn't even looking at the picture any more.  I think I averaged 2.5 minutes of outlining for each cookie, which just blew me away.  I really was expecting 10-15 minutes for that part alone.

Halfway there.  All that is left now is the white bits, but I really want to make sure that black is set before I add the white.  A few more hours just to be safe. 

So happy with the turnout!

Oskee Wee Wee!

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