Sunday, October 14, 2012

Lego Millennium Falcon Cake

I'm excited to be making this cake.  Very excited.  Sarah wanted a geeky Star Wars cake for her husbands 40th birthday, and left the creativity up to me.  I decided to go full on geek, and pulled out an idea I was saving for a special occasion.

Lego Millennium Falcon.

I had saved this one to make for my fella's birthday, but came up with something even more incredible for him, so lucky Sarah!

I knew it would be a challenge from the start, but was looking forward to it.  The bake went fantastic, the rough ice, sculpt and good ice; great.  I spent a good chunk of time figuring out how to make the fondant come out looking like Lego, and in the end got a great idea... use Lego! 

I'm very fortunate to have had a good amount of Lego growing up, and found exactly what I was looking for... 'ground'.  A green square of lego that was just hollow on the bottom - it doesnt have the snap in circles required for stacking.  After trying a few techniques, this was by far the best.  A few more times using it, and it'll be perfect.  I hope I get to make more Lego cakes... they are so fun.


It turned out to be much easier than expected.  I had some issues in a few areas, but I was expecting it.  I'll need to figure out a technique for adding fondant on the inside of 3D cakes... So here she is; my Lego Millennium Falcon Cake!

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